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Located just outside Melbourne's CBD, GH Music is an iconic Australian Music Shop that has a history starting all the way back in 1962 - when Billy Hyde created the beginning of his retail empire throughout Australia. GH Music is dedicated to our customers and the Australian Music Industry, supporting artists of every level to find and acquire your next piece in your musical jigsaw. Come visit us.

Opened 50 years ago at 100 Mt Alexander Rd Flemington, Billy Hyde Music Store regularly hosted a number of international music legends including Charlie Watts (The Rolling Stones), Don Henley (The Eagles), Carlos Santana, (Santana), Mickey Curry (Hall & Oats), Dave Grohl & Taylor Hawkins, (Foo Fighters) and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) to name a few.

The son of the famous TV drummer 'Billy Hyde', Garry helped Billy build their music retail and wholesale businesses through the 60's to 2007 when Garry sold the Billy Hyde business and naming rights to investors. As a passionate musician and a great drummer, Garry couldn't resist the opportunity to re-open this iconic music shop location in Flemington in 2012, under GH Music and continue the legacy his father left on the very same site.

In 2019 GH Music was set for another leap forward. To maximise the experience for customers both in-store and online, Garry sold GH Music to the operators of Macron Music, located in NSW. Garry had been discussing the idea for a while as he was ready to move on to the next stage of his career and finding Anthony Ursino of Macron Music was just the thing the business needed. Anthony has a systematic and cut-throat paced presence and his success with the online market here in Australia left Garry knowing his business was in good hands and ready to tackle the new generation of retail methodology. GH will expand its online experience for customers with upgraded information and design so you can get all the vital details faster when shopping, comparing, dreaming.

GH Always has been and always will be a local music store. We just happen to locally deliver products and advice into every corner of Australia. Our team is dedicated and invested in your growth - why? Because we care.  We did not join the music industry to become rich, we came to join the millions of like-minded music lovers that just want a way to extrude our creative vibes in a musical-juice way!

We stand by our products and customers, so if you ever have an issue, question, problem, then email us, call us, send your favourite pigeon, but do reach out. We love to talk about music and solve problems, whatever shape and size musical instrument your heart desires and we are ready to tackle any problem that the Gods of Rock throw at you.