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Acoustic guitar amplifiers are designed to bring out the beautiful and natural sounds of an acoustic guitar. You will find a good selection of acoustic ampshere at GH Music, from brands such as Vox, Roland, Yamaha, Ibanez, Fender, and AER. These amps range from smaller practice amps to larger acoustic combos depending on your requirements.

Amps from Roland are perfect for gigging guitarists, providing more than enough amplification for your typical pub gig. At the upper end of our range is the AER acoustic amps, which are compact, powerful, and have a great tone.

Order your acoustic guitar amplifiers here on the GH Music online store for prompt delivery throughout the country. Otherwise, visit our shop in Melbourne and check out our range in store. Here you are welcome to bring along your guitar and try out each amp to help decide which sounds best to your ears.

Acoustic Amps

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