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Looking for the best bass amps in Australia? For the smooth and deep bass tone that you have always wanted, GH Music will have what you seek. We have an extensive selection of bass guitar combo amps that will truly sound fantastic. From smaller practice amps perfect for bedroom practice to larger cabinet and speaker combos that will amplify your bass to the whole neighbourhood, we have the amps that you need.

Our bass guitar amp combos will give you a chance to play your bass loudly and proudly. Choose from a fantastic selection of brands such as Vox, Ampeg, Line 6, Peavey, Mesa Boogie, Fender, Marshall, Roland, Behringer, and MarkBass. We have smaller 10 watt amps that will make a great first amp. Don’t let their smaller appearance fool you; these pack a punch! For something even louder, our MarkBass combo amps will provide you with bass that truly rumbles.

Each of our bass guitar combo amps come with a great range of useful EQ settings so you can tune your amp, giving you the desired sound.Everyone has different preferences when it comes to a bass tone, so we would suggest viewing our bass amps in our Melbourne store and trying them out for yourself. Here our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to help you to make the right choice and answer any of your questions.

If you have a great ear for bass, you will be impressed with the amps available at GH Music. Order here from our online store or visit our shop today.

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