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For bass that truly rumbles, GH Music has the answer. Our bass amp heads will give you a rich, warm and deep bass sound that will make your ears prick up. We have bass heads from Ashdown, Fender, MarkBass, Ampeg, and Mesa Boogie that will provide you with supreme sound quality for your instrument. Follow your ears to GH Music for the bass tone of your dreams.

Choosing the right bass guitar head is an important aspect of achieving a nice bass tone. As everyone has different personal tastes, we stock a large selection of bass heads so we can cater to everyone. Our heads from Ashdown provide a good quality sound for someone with a smaller budget, while our heads from Mesa Boogie will satisfy the needs of any professional bass player. Order here on our online store for prompt delivery Australia-wide.

At GH Music, we encourage you to come and visit our shop in Melbourne and try out some of our bass guitar heads for yourself. Bring your bass along and have a jam with each head to make the right decision. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always on hand to answer any of your questions.

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