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For a rich guitar sound that you will love, GH Music is here to help. In addition to a good quality guitar amp head, choosing the right guitar cabinet is very important when trying to achieve that perfect electric sound. Allow GH Music to introduce you to a fantastic selection of top quality cabinets including 1x12 speaker cabinets and 4x12 guitar cabinets. We will supply you with a great cabinet and amp that will truly bring the best out of your guitar. Order yours here at our online store, or visit our physical shop in Melbourne to try them out for yourself.

Looking for a great selection of 2x12 speaker cabinets or 4x10 bass cabinets? GH Music stocks a great range of these types of cabinets from brands such as Line 6, Hughes & Kettner, Peavey, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, and Fender. These cabinets will pack a serious punch and will be more than enough to play loudly in a band or a live performance in a pub.

If you want to replicate the tone of your favourite guitar heroes, GH Music is here to help. We will help you find the perfect guitar cabinet to give you that rich, warm tone that you have always wanted. Bring your guitar in to GH Music and we will give you the opportunity to listen to each cabinet with your guitar.

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