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If you are a keyboard player, you will understand that often guitar amps just don’t cut it for your keyboard. Our keyboard amplifiers are specifically designed to give you the warmest and clearest sound you could ask for. These include amps with increased sub response, stereo amps, and multi-channel amps depending on your requirements. Visit us in-store and we can show you the various differences between these types of amps.

We have amplifiers for keyboards from leading brands such as Behringer and Roland. As specialists in keyboard amps, these brands are known as leaders in their area. Ideally when selecting a keyboard amp, a stereo amp is the best choice. Many instrument sounds on a keyboard will benefit from a stereo amp. Try out our stereo amps from Roland and you will be impressed with the quality.For a sublime sound for your keyboard, GH Music will find you the perfect amp.

Visit GH Music in Melbourne and our knowledgeable team will provide you with the advice you need on the amp to choose. We can run you through all your options and answer any questions that you might have. GH Music is your local keyboard amp specialist.

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