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Founded in 1947, Vox is a manufacturer of musical equipment with over 60 years of history behind it. Specialising in sound equipment including amplifiers, effects pedals and headphones, this company is renowned for quality products that boast superior performance.

The Vox Range at GH Music

All Vox products are designed to deliver the best sound performance, whether you’re practicing in a garage or performing live on stage. GH Music stock a comprehensive collection of their products to get you rocking out, from amp heads to overdrive pedals.

Their amplifiers are available in a wide range of types to suit everyone from newbies to pros. The entry-level Mini 3 G 2 amp comes in a compact size and allows for easy transportation, while still retaining a powerful tone and solid bass frequencies. After this, their amplifier range goes all the way up to the Hand-Wired series, with an exceptionally high level of skill and craftsmanship going into each hand-wired amp.

If you need a quieter solution, this company's headphone amp plugs are perfect for practicing when you don't want to wake the neighbors. With a battery life of up to 27 hours, these devices plug directly into your guitar, allowing you to slip your headphones on and crank up the volume without fear.

At GH Music, we understand that music is for all walks of life and for every occasion. Whether you're recording at a studio, jamming in your bedroom, or playing an intimate crowd at your local pub, set the right tone with the right amp! From acoustic guitar amps and amp combos, to bass heads and keyboard amps, GH Music has your bases covered with our wide array of amps. Practice with a no-frills, but powerful micro amp; create a crackling atmosphere for your electric guitar with an amp with versatile adjustment controls; wake up your neighborhood with a powerful bass cabinet amp. Or give your keyboard some love with a stereo amp! Find an amp that is perfect for your instrument, your experience, and your performance needs. Your audience--even if it's just the lampstand by your bed--will thank you.

Guitar and Bass Amps

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