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If you have a taste for techno, our drum machines and controllers will be a useful tool in your music production endeavours. Drum machines and controllers make sequencing drums easy. Simply map out the sequence on the controller in front of you and the midi signal will be sent to your DAW. Controllers such as Machine will make an often painstaking and tedious task interesting and inspiring.

We proudly stock a range of Korg drum machines at GH Music. Korg is a brand well-known for producing high end audio products; these drum machines being no exception. By utilising Korg’sKAOSS technology, the X-Y pad can be assigned to two different controllers at once. This will give you all the creative control that you need. Add a powerful piece of technology to your studio setup and experience the benefits today.

For further information, the GH Music team is always here to help.

Controllers/Drum Machines

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction