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Now you can record on the run thanks to our range of digital sound recorders. As with most technologies, sound recording equipment has become smaller and smaller. Now you can achieve high quality recordings from a tiny, hand-held device. With quality in-built microphones and extensive on-board storage, these devices are a revelation in the sound industry.

We have digital audio recorders varying from cheaper devices with limited functionality to 24 track recorders with a multitude of features. Our basic digital recorders are great for recording vocal notes, recording samples, recording from the output of a mixer, and a number of other uses. We have popular recorders from Roland, Behringer, Zoom, and Tascam that will provide you with the functionality that you need. We also stock suitable protective covers and cases for your recording devices.

At the upper echelon of our digital audio recorders, we have advanced digital workstations capable of recording albums and producing professional standard music. These devices are basically portable recording studios and will satisfy the needs of any producer. Tascam produces 24 track digital recorders and Steinberg produces professional digital audio workstations.

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Digital Recorders

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