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DSP technology opens up a new world of sound processing opportunities. Buy DSP products online at GH Music and enjoy a fantastic selection of audio products. DSP works by converting an analogue signal from a guitar lead or microphone into a digital signal. Here it can be manipulated in a number of ways, giving it a new sound. Our DSP audio processors include vocal processors, vocal trainers, guitar effects boards, and loop stations. Discover the benefits of DSP technology with GH Music today.

Looking to improve your live vocal sound? Our DSP audio processors for vocals can add reverb, echo, delay, gain, and a number of other different effects. We also have vocal looping and harmony pedals that will open you up to a world of possibilities. If you sing vocals in a live setting, we would recommend speaking with us today.

Buy our DSP products online and receive prompt delivery Australia-wide . Otherwise, visit the GH Music shop in Melbourne and speak with our team. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members will be more than happy to run you through all of our DSP products and answer any of your questions.


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