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Enter the world of music software applications. If you appreciate music production or simply music in general, you will be amazed at what can be achieved with a simple software application and a PC or a Mac. GH Music proudly stocks the best audio recording software applications such as Ableton and Cubase, and other interesting music software titles such as Sibelius.

These days, all one needs to produce professional standard music is a PC or Mac, some studio monitors, and one of the popular music production software applications. With Ableton, Cubase, Protools, or any similar DAW at your disposal, there is an endless number of ways you can create, record, and manipulate music. Purchasing the same software used by your favourite producer is easily within your reach by visiting GH Music.

Throw out your turntables and mixer; our music mixing software will allow you to do everything a DJ can do and more! Many DJs are making the switch to software applications such as Ableton and Traktor these days due to the increased creativity that can be added to each mix. Speak with the GH Music team today and we can run you through these powerful software applications.

Additional music software at GH Music includes powerful musical educational and notation software such as Sibelius. This is a must in any school music department. We also have many different sample and plug-in libraries that will be the perfect complement to your music production software. Speak with GH today and we can run you through them.


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