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If you are setting up a studio, you will soon discover that there are many accessories needed to get you up and running. There might be little things that you haven’t even considered such as microphone clamps, rack cradles, power cables, and AC adaptors. Visit GH Music for a great selection of recording studio accessories and we can provide you with everything that you need.

GH Music has everything you require to get a studio up and running. Take your studio shopping list to GH Music and we can give you a good deal on all the music studio accessories that you need. All studios require a large number of different cables. From RCA to instrument cables, we will have what you need here. If you are missing a power supply for a piece of studio equipment, chances are we can find you the perfect replacement.

Correctly positioning of microphones is an important aspect of the recording process, so it’s important to have a good selection of microphone stands on hand. We have stands in all different heights and lengths, with attachments suitable for all types of microphones.

Get the recording studio accessories you need for the right prices at GH Music.

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