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Transform your vocal sound with GH Music’s range of vocal processors. Perfect for a live setting, a vocal processor will manipulate the voice and give it a different tone or effect depending on what you desire. Tuned reverb pedals will create a fantastic, studio-like atmosphere for live singing performances. Harmony vocal pedals will automatically harmonise your vocals in a natural sounding way. Looping pedals will loop certain phrases for endless creative freedom. You will be amazed at what our vocal processors are capable of.

Here at GH Music, we also have multi-effects units available for vocal effects. These will give you all the harmonies, looping, reverb, echo, distortion, or any other effects that you could ask for.

If you have any questions about vocal effects, please contact GH today or visit us in store. Our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to help you out.

Vocal processors

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