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From bass guitar straps to stands, we have all the bass accessories that you need at GH Music.


We have bass guitar straps of all different sizes, colours, and designs – choose the right one to suit your style. Colours available include black, green, purple, red, brown, white, and rainbow.


You can never have too many leads. Bass players will understand that leads go missing and get damaged. Invest in some quality leads from GH Music today.


Our bass guitar stands are perfect for storing your bass in your room or on the stage. We have single stands and multi guitar stands available. Visit the GH Music store and view them in person today.


Playing bass with a pick is the preference of some bass players. We have a wide selection of picks available including many suitable bass picks.


Bass effect pedals can add a new dimension to your playing. Whether you opt for individual effect pedals or a multi-effects board, you will find what you need at GH Music.

All of our bass guitar accessories can be ordered online. Use our simple ordering system and we will deliver your order promptly. Orders over $50 receive free delivery (Some conditions apply).

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