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Need a case for your bass? GH Music has bass cases and bagsthat will protect your beloved instrument from scratches and dents. Our bass gig bags will make transporting your instrument easy and also provide decent padding protection. These are a good option for a bass player on a budget, and also feature some handy pockets for storing spare strings, picks, and capos.

For even better protection for your instrument, our bass cases will combat against collisions, drops, and falls. Our hard cases are manufactured using high quality protective plastic, moulded-in bumper protection, full length neck support, and a useful accessories compartment.

Ever picked up your unzipped guitar bag to have your guitar fall through to the ground? We have a solution! Our new vertical bass case will allow you to top load your instrument and prevent this unfortunate situation from arising. A rubber sole is designed to protect your bass from vertical drops and useful pockets are perfect for storing accessories.

If you care about your bass, you wouldn’t transport it without investing in some proper protection. Contact our team for advice on the right case for you. Otherwise, order your case or bag online for delivery Australia-wide.

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