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Add something extra to your playing sound with our range of bass effects pedals. Just like electric guitars, electric basses can benefit from a number of different effects. From practical pedals such as volume and tuners to the most bold distortions and modulation, you will find the bass effects pedals that you need at GH Music. We stock pedals from favourite brands such as Boss, Roland, Behringer, and Vox, delivering the most advanced in-sound modulation. Add crunch and gain to your playing with a distortion pedal; solo in style with an expression pedal; the options are endless at GH Music!

If you are the type of person that can’t settle for just a couple of sounds, we would recommend one of our multi-effects units. These are jam packed with many different effects and feature an expression pedal – great for solo jams and playing in a band. Visit the GH shop in Melbourne today and we can demonstrate these bass effects pedals for you.

Bass Effects

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