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Want to pick up the bass, but don’t know the best way to go about it? At GH Music, we have a variety of bass starter packs that will provide you with everything you need to get started and get learning. The bass guitar is a great instrument to learn and is easy to pick up. All you need is a good beginner instrument, an amp, and a desire to learn.

All your favourite bass guitar heroes started from somewhere; our bass combos are a good starting point for any beginner bass enthusiast. We have packs from Ashton and Fender, all featuring good quality first instruments. When you are looking for a first bass, it’s important to choose an instrument that will stay in tune, is easy to play, and produces a good tone. You can be sure of this when purchasing our bass starter packs.

Our bass combos include a variety of useful accessories including extra strings, straps, carry bags, leads, picks, and tuners. Visit our shop in Melbourne and we can run you through the various packs available. Otherwise, order your pack online for prompt delivery throughout Australia.

GH Music is breeding future bass superstars.

Bass Guitar Packs

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