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If it’s time for a string change, GH Music has a great range of bass strings online and in-store. Life is too short to be playing with old strings, so rejuvenate your bass with a new pair today. We stock strings from top brands such as D’Addario, Ernie Ball, DR, Dunlop, and GHS. These have been chosen due to their excellent sound quality, longevity, and the large variety of types available. For good quality strings for great prices, GH Music is the store to visit, whether online or in person.

We have strings available in nickel wound, light gauge, heavy gauge, acoustic, and various other choices. What you choose is up to your preference in sound, the tuning that you are going to be using, and your budget. Speak with the GH Music team today and we can help you choose the right ones.

Need help changing your bass strings? In addition to supplying bass strings, we will also be able to change them for you. Simply leave your bass with us and enjoy picking it up with a fresh set of strings. The price that we charge will include a brand new pair of strings. Call us today to make a booking.

For bass strings in Australia, GH Music is the place that you can rely on.

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