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If you like to slap, pop, and slide, GH Music will have the tools to do so! We have a great range of bass guitars online and at our shop in Melbourne. The electric bass guitar is a fantastic instrument. Who could ignore the amazing sounds produced by JacoPastorius, Stu Hamm, or Flea? You could be on a pathway towards being the next bass virtuoso by visiting GH Music.

We have a great range of beginner bass guitars online and in-store that will be perfect for learning the craft. Our bass guitar starter packs combine a good beginner bass with an amplifier. They also include many useful extras such as strings, a strap and a bag. If you are thinking about taking up the bass, speak with GH Music and we can find you the perfect first instrument.

If you are a more experienced bassist and are looking for a premium instrument, we will also have what you are looking for. We have beautiful instruments from Fender, Musicman,Warwick and Ibanez that will provide the rich and deep tone that you are looking for.

View our range of electric bass guitars online or visit the GH Music store in Melbourne today.

Electric Bass Guitars

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