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Drummers are a meticulous group and when many factors come into play, you need to be positive that every part of your kit is functioning exactly the way you want it to. In fact, this especially applies to drum pedals. As most experienced drummers will tell you, the overall feel, control and sound of a drum pedal can make or break a drummer's performance. But thankfully, you'll find no lack of exceptional drum pedals from the world's most trusted and renowned names in drumming, right here. Whether you're a jazz drummer who's searching for a new single chain bass pedal, or a metalhead who prefers the blast-beat style of a double pedal, here at GH Music our catalog has something for every taste. From Tama and DW to Pearl, Ludwig, Yamaha, Axis and more, these companies have built their strong reputations on providing drummers from all walks of life with hardware and parts of the highest quality.

So when you're ready to take your skills to the next level, your performance will be nothing short of spectacular. You'll probably notice pretty quickly that many huge sellers and recommended options in this selection comes courtesy of Axis. Their Longboard X single bass drum pedal boosts leverage and power by allowing your whole leg to be forcefully expressive with strong heel-toe strokes. In the double kick pedal department, check out the DW 3000 Series. Loaded with features like dual-chain turbo drive, bearing spring rocket assembly and heavy-duty all metal construction, the DWCP3002 double kick drum pedal has all of the components you'd expect in a professional pedal, but at a price that any passionate player can easily afford. The Drummer creates the heartbeat of any group and you deserve to showcase your greatest talents on equipment that never holds you back and always highlights your strongest musical attributes.

In the beginning stages of drumming, one of the biggest steps a player can take is getting used to playing the kick drum, which is why you need to make sure that you're going with a pedal that has been carefully constructed by experts. And with that, GH Music is definitely the right place to shop.

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