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Our drum bags and cases in Australia will make transporting your drums a much easier process. Lugging your cymbals, snare, toms and kick drum around without proper casing or bags will prove to be a nightmare; not to mention dangerous for your drums. If you are going to spend money on a good drum kit, we suggest investing in good quality drum cases and bags to give it the protection it needs.

At GH Music, we want your band to hit the road, not your drums. We suggest investing in some protective cases before making the journey from pub to pub. Protection Racket is a popular manufacturer with a selection of bags suitable for each drum in your kit. Choose from standard cymbal cases, tom bags, floor tom bags, session cymbal bags, and bass drum bags.

If you are looking for heavy protection for your drums, we suggest investing in hard cases from SKB. These will protect against heavy knocks and will keep your cymbals free from damage. The Rolling Cymbal Vault makes transport even easier thanks to its attached wheels. Please contact the GH Music team for further information about our drum bags and cases in Australia.

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