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Add impact to your drumming with a new set of cymbals from GH Music. Buy cymbals online at the GH Music store and enjoy great prices on brands that you know and love. We stock models from brands such as Dream, Zildjian, Paiste, and Meinl. As drumming enthusiasts ourselves, we believe these cymbals will give the best sound in a live setting and in the studio. Whether you need a hi-hat, crash, splash, or ride, you will find the cymbal you are looking for at GH Music.

In addition to a great selection of cymbals, we also have cymbal stands to match. These stands are specifically designed to match certain types of cymbals. Consult with our team before buying and we can help you find the right stand for your kit.

Our cymbals from Zildjian are a popular choice for drummers all over the world. With different sized crashes, hi-hats, and ride cymbals available, Zildjian products will be perfect for your kit. We also have complete sets available to make your choice easier. Visit our store today and see for yourself.

Buy cymbals online from GH Music for quick delivery Australia-wide.


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