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Founded in 1972, the Roland Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic instruments, equipment and software. A leading name in professional music equipment in the 1970's and early 1980's, it continues to be a worldwide leader today, known for its extensive range of electronic instruments and equipment. These include expertly designed and manufactured pianos, keyboards, drums and synthesisers, giving the Roland name a solid reputation for producing high-quality musical products.

The Roland Range at GH Music

GH Music stock a large selection of instruments and equipment from this range, boasting a selection that contains everything you need to create and enjoy music. From affordable, travel-friendly digital keyboards and stereo keyboard amplifiers right through to electronic drum kits and drum stands, we've got everything you need in one place – creating a one-stop-shop that makes it easier than ever to feed your passion for music performance. Whether you’re a pianist or a drummer, this is a reliable brand you can trust.

Our range of Roland products includes the following items:

  • Synthesisers
  • Digital pianos
  • Drum sound modules
  • Electronic kits
  • Keyboard amplifiers
  • Headphones
  • Replacement parts
  • Cymbal pads and cymbal mounts
  • Drum mats
  • Hi hat controllers
  • Guitar amplifiers and monitors
  • Effects pedals
  • Audio interfaces
  • Bass amplifiers
  • Monitor headphones
  • Mixing consoles

If you are a drummer who cares about your neighbours, you will understand that buying an electronic drum kit will be a wise investment. Now you can bash away until your heart’s content without the impending knock on the door. If you haven’t tried out a more recent electronic drum kit, you will be impressed with the level of sound quality and realistic feel that the kits of today possess.

At GH Music in Melbourne, we have a range of electronic kits from Yamaha and Roland ranging from entry level to the most high tech models. We cater to anyone, from people who enjoy an occasional bash on the drums, to drum teachers and other professional drummers who will spend hours drumming every day. Simply visit GH Music or contact us today and we can show you through our range of these kits.

Yamaha is known for manufacturing high quality electronic drum kits ranging from cheaper, basic models through to the most advanced. These kits are designed to give the most natural feeling for every hit, with laser technology analysing each drum stroke for velocity levels. For an electronic kit that feels like the real thing, contact GH Music today.

Roland is also a leader in the field of electronic drum kits. For a kit that feels and sounds like the real thing, Roland is the answer. Visit GH Music today and we can show you all the useful features and give you an opportunity to have a play for yourself. Otherwise, order electronic drums online for prompt delivery Australia-wide.

Electronic Drum Kits

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