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If you struggle to keep time, then it’s high time that you visited GH Music! Buy a metronome online or from our physical store and you will receive a very useful practice tool. Learning to play in time is a very important part of playing an instrument – using a metronome is a tried and true method that will greatly improve your playing. Simply set the metronome to the tempo of your choice and play your scales, practice riffs, and other exercises along with a click. Your band mates will thank you after investing in one of these tools!

In addition to standard metronomes, we have great learning tools such as the Rhythm coach from Roland – a fantastic resource for all drummers trying to improve their techniques. At GH Music, we are fighting the battle against sloppy playing! When you buy a metronome online from GH Music, you will receive prompt delivery throughout Australia.

If you have any questions, either call us today or visit us at our Melbourne shop.

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