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GH Music supplies percussion instruments suitable for both beginning students and professionals. Tuned percussion instruments are also often called pitched percusion, referring to the creation of musical notes that are one or two pitches, rather than the indefinite pitches of unpitched percussion instruments. Try out the ever-popular glockienspiel, used by various music artists over the years, including Radiohead, Avenged Sevenfold, and the Beatles. Or get yourself a stylish, full-sized xylophone. As an alternative, we also offer desktop xylophones or marimbas, a compact, convenient alternative. For percussion instruments that add a bright sound to any occassion, we also have triangle sets. Lastly, we offer timpani sets from Ludwig, a mainstay for orchestras and concert bands. With our wide range of tuned percussion instruments, diverge from the crowd with the instrument of your choice.

Tuned Percussion

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