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DW Drums

Drum Workshop's origins go back to 1972, when it was founded as a drum school. In 1974, they began to release their own products, referred to as DW Drums. Today they are a leading manufacturer of drums and drum hardware, based in Oxnard, California, and their products are happily used all around the world, giving truth to their slogan – "The Drummer's Choice".

The DW Drums Range at GH Music

GH Music stock a wide range of products from this brand, including kits, individual snares and accessories. With stylish and attractive finishes and colour options including tobacco burst, white satin and cherry stain, you're sure to find a DW Drums set that looks as good as it sounds.

If you're a professional looking for the best drum kit money can buy, take a look at the Collector's Exotic Shell Pack in Twisted Rainbow Wood. All items in the Collector's series hark back to the original American-made custom set and are perfect for high-end set-ups.

GH Music also stock a range of Drum Workshop drumming hardware and accessories, including the following:

  • Single and double bass drum pedals
  • Drum thrones and stools
  • Screws and tension rods
  • Signature snare drums
  • Stands for snare drums, hi hat cymbals, tom drums and more
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Set Descending Direction