ESP E2 is the replacement series for what was called the Standard Series. They are a Japanese premium instrument hand crafted near Tokyo in Japan by craftsmen exclusively trained in the ESP Guitar Building Academy in Tokyo. The owner of ESP Guitars Mr Shibuya started the company back in 1975 and believes very strongly in the traditional hand crafted elements that make the ESP company what they are today.

When you pick up a Japanese E2 model the first thing you notice is the quality. Amazing timbers, creative paint jobs, finely machined hardware, precision fretwork and Japanese heritage are the main things that spring to mind when you hold one of these amazing instruments. The common misconception is value, E2 are built to be put in the hands of players that may not want to spend the 6 or 7 thousand Australian dollars required to buy an ESP Original or Custom series instrument. What you are in fact getting is a guitar made in the same factory by the same craftsmen as the original series with some modern day production techniques like CNC cutting used to speed up the process. The time taken to have a guitar built in the custom shop is around 8 months so E2's intention is to be able to fit into a price point that is fair and reasonable for the consumer.

These guitars are so far above reasonable that it boggles the mind. $2799 puts this guitar well under what you are paying for any other brands custom shop instruments and the appointments on the E2 series are what we consider to be at a premium level. You will never be left disappointed by owning one of these amazing pieces of Japanese engineering.

This particular Eclipse model features the often misunderstood Evertune bridge system, a patented system designed to keep your guitar in tune no matter what the circumstances. It uses simple physics to keep every string in tune once it is properly setup to keep you playing harder and longer. See Evertune's FAQ section of there site here

The operative phrase in the last sentence is "properly setup" and luckily for you our full-time guitar tech Adam is an Evertune master who will set up your guitar in whatever tuning and string gauge you like to ensure that when you get your axe home it is ready to shred. We do a setup and service on every guitar we sell online and in store so you will never have to worry about receiving a guitar you don't know how to play or setup. We can even provide advice on how to maintain your Evertune bridge system so that if you ever have problems you can count on us to assist you.

The Seymour Duncan pickups on this guitar are a little different to your usual run of the mill pickups. The Sentient " is a perfect neck pickup with natural warmth and clarity. it provides a wonderful sound that blends vintage PAF and modern tones from clean tone to high gain setting. The Pegasus goal is to deliver a warm, balanced, responsive, and lush tone for progressive metal. It’s a harmonically rich pickup with a prominent midrange and a focused low end. The high resonant peak makes for a sparkly top end and an incredible “bloom” on chords in high-gain situations.

This guitar is for a serious player who needs strength and stability in their guitar. Check out the photos of the actual guitar we have in stock below and please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. We would love to help you find the guitar of your dreams.


  • SCALE: 24.75"
  • BODY: Mahogany
  • NECK: 1Pc Mahogany
  • NUT WIDTH: 42mm
  • NUT TYPE: Graphite
  • STRAP BUTTON: Schaller Straplock
  • TUNERS: Gotoh Locking
  • BRIDGE: Evertune (F model)
  • NECK PU: Seymour Duncan Sentient
  • BRIDGE PU: Seymour Duncan Pegasus
  • ELECTRONICS: Passive
  • ELECTRONICS LAYOUT: Vol/Vol/Tone(P/P)/Toggle Switch
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