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Evans ’56 – BD18CT Calftone Bass Drumheads 18 Inch

It looks like a calfskin! It sounds like a calfskin! And it feels like a calfskin! But it's not calfskin, it's Evans '56 Calftone.
Manufactured in New York from advanced synthetic materials, and fitted with D'Addario's Level 360 Technology™ to serve up the warm, familiar sound you love with the quality and consistency a modern drummer demands.


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Evans ’56 – BD18CT Calftone Bass Drumheads 18 Inch



As a throwback to the year Evans was founded, Evans ’56 is a new series of products geared towards drummers looking for a vintage look and sound. Making its debut in this new series is a line of Calftone drumheads—a synthetic alternative to traditional calfskin.


These heads embody the calfskin look and sound but with the consistency, fit, and tuning range made standard with Level 360 Technology. Calftone is made using a 12mil Mylar base blended with unique materials to produce warm, full, and rich tones. These heads bring out the best of a vintage kit and evoke a classic appearance and sound from modern drums.


This line will come in vintagestyle Evans ’56 Calftone packaging. Bass heads are available in sizes 16-26” and in threedifferent versions—Calftone, EQ4 Calftone, and EMAD Calftone.


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