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Fender Guitars, Amps & Accessories

Fender is a globally recognised brand in the guitar, bass and amp industry, credited with starting the rock revolution with their innovative range. With a reputation for producing well-constructed products and accessories and a large, worldwide presence, Fender guitars deliver a level of quality you can trust; instruments that are highly prized by both musicians and collectors alike.

The Fender Range at GH Music

GH Music stocks a wide selection of Fender guitars and basses. We also carry a range of high-quality Fender amps and accessories that are sure to fulfil your noise needs.

Choose from classic guitars including Telecasters and Strato casters, with other options including acoustic guitars and even versatile acoustic/electric varieties that provide musicians with ultimate flexibility. We also stock a range of Fender basses, including the Precision Bass and Jazz Bass, with options that offer something for players of all levels.

GH Music also carries an awe-inspiring assortment of guitar and bass accessories from this brand, including strings, cables, pickups, straps, capos and stands. Whether you need a multi-guitar stand to hold up to 5 guitars, an 18 foot cable so you can roam the stage, or a set of nickel plated electric guitar strings, our range has you covered.

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