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For orders over $50 Under 3KG*Details

(03) 9372 6664


Please Note:

We offer free delivery on orders under 3kgs and over $50 to most locations. For anything that falls outside of these conditions, we offer our best available shipping rates. We will contact you if necessary prior to shipping the goods.

We use a nominated freight company or post to ensure the fastest possible delivery time (approx. 2-3 working days). In the event of goods being temporarily out of stock, we will notify you immediately of any possible delay.

Small parcel orders under $50 as well as under 3kg will be shipped for an $11.00 flat fee. Anything over 3kgs will be shipped at our best available at our shipping rates.

Our aim is to provide a fast, cost effective and safe delivery of your order. If you have any problems or concerns regarding the delivery of your order please notify us immediately and we'll solve them as quickly and painlessly as possible!


If you wish to pay for special freight instructions via direct deposit, please use the details below

  • BSB: 083266
  • ACC: 131042008


 Please ensure you mark the payment with your name, so we can easily identify your payment.


Please note:


For customers living in REMOTE POSTCODE AREA’S  an additional freight cost will be added to the freight charge on your order (not seen at the checkout). In all cases we will call you and get the best possible freight costs available to your home or workplace. See below for remote area list.


Remote Postcodes


0822-0852-0872-0880-0885-0886-2627-2628-2630-2631-2632-2633-2890-2898-2899-3697 3699-3701-3705-3707-3708-3709-3740-3741-3893-3895-3896-3898-3900-4025-4183-4184 4454-4474-4475-4477-4479-4480-4481-4482-4486-4491-4492-4493-4581-4735-4736-4819 4828-4829-4830-4871-4873-4874-4875-4876-4890-4891-4895-5220-5221-5222-5223-5690 5733-6161-6727-6728-6731-6798-6799-7255-7256-7257-0800-0801-0810-0811-0812-0815 0820-0821-0822-0822-0828-0829-0830-0831-0832-0835-0836-0837-0838-0840-0841-0845 0846-0847-0850-0851-0852-0853-0854-0860-0861-0862-0870-0871-0872-0880-0885-0886 0909










This also includes any off shore islands.