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GH Music’s guitar and amp combo packs are the perfect starting point for a beginner guitarist. Soon the sweet sound of ‘Smoke on the Water’ and other classics will be drifting throughout the house.

Our electric guitar packs for beginners include everything needed for a little metal head (or adult rocker) to get shredding. We have a variety of guitar and amp combo packs available, all with similar contents. These will include a great entry-level guitar such as a Fender Squire, Yamaha Pacifica, Ashton AG131, or something similar. Along with the instrument will be a good beginner amp (not too loud, but loud enough), with a number of inbuilt effects such as overdrive and reverb. Depending on the pack that you choose, you will receive a number of extras such as DVDs, new strings, picks, straps, and other goodies.

Whether it’s for you or intended as a birthday or Christmas present, our guitar packs for beginners are perfect for a beginner guitarist to get rockin’. Visit our store in Melbourne and our friendly team will be more than happy to run you through the various packs.

Electric Guitar Packs

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