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We have all the guitar accessories in Australia that you could need. Plectrums, straps, leads, slides, footstools, capos, stands – the list goes on! Either visit our Melbourne store or order your guitar accessories online for an impressive selection and fantastic prices.


If too many of your plectrums have been lost under the table or beneath the couch cushions, GH Music will be able to top you up with a new supply. We have plectrums in many different thicknesses, colours, and styles, depending on your preference.

Guitar Leads

At GH Music, we believe you can never have too many guitar leads. We have durable leads that come with extended warrantees for your peace of mind. These are available in various different lengths.

Guitar Slides

Our guitar accessories in Australia also include guitar slides for that classic country sound. We have guitar slides in various different sizes, materials, and colours to suit your preference.


A capo is an important accessory for guitar players; especially those who sing. With a simple adjustment, you can change the key of your song, suitable for your voice.

View our full range of guitar accessories online, or visit us in store today to find what you need.

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