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For crunching distortion, spacious reverb, and realistic amp modelling, GH Music has the most advanced guitar pedals in Australia. We can help you achieve the same guitar tones that you hear from your favourite guitarists by simply hitting a switch. If you want to sound like Satriani, Vai, or Hendrix, a good quality guitar effects pedals is one of the things that you need. We have pedals from favourite brands such as Boss, Mooer, Roland, Marshall, and Vox, bringing you the most innovative sound processing technology available.

There are a couple of ways to go about purchasing effect pedals for your guitar. You can either purchase individual pedals or opt for a multi-effects unit. Boss and Mooer have many individual pedals including favourites such as overdrive, delay, distortion, and compressor. Alternatively, multi-effects boards have many effects built into the one unit. These come with an expression pedal, inbuilt tuners, metronomes, and many other useful functions. We stock multi-effects units from the likes of Boss, Fender, Roland, TC, and Line 6.

Buy guitar pedals online and enjoy free delivery Australia-wide. GH Music’s reliable online ordering system ensures you can have your favourite guitar effects pedal sent to you promptly, without having to leave the house! Alternatively, visit the GH Music store in Melbourne and you can try before you buy. Our friendly team will show you what our guitar effects pedals are capable of – simply visit us today.

Guitar Effects Pedals

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