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Enjoy the crisp sound of new guitar strings for a more affordable price thanks to GH Music. Our range of acoustic guitar strings online ranges from light gauge phosphor bronze to nylon strings. The choice is up to you!

A guitar with old strings is like a car with old tyres – you will simply not get the desired performance. Forget the muffled, dull twang of old guitar strings and restring your beauty today! Buy classical guitar strings from GH Music and enjoy a fantastic range of products from your favourite brands. We stock strings from Fender, Ernie Ball, Martin, GHS, Dunlop, D’Addario, Elixer, and more.

Choosing the right set of strings is important, as there can be a great difference in sound depending on the choice you make. Standard steel or nylon strings will provide you with the sound that you know and love, while the gauge that you choose can make a difference depending on your playing style. In recent times phosphor bronze strings are becoming popular, with the added protection for the strings making a longer lasting product. No matter what you choose, when you buy classical acoustic guitar strings at GH Music, you know you will be getting a great deal.

Do you want new strings, but don’t have the time to restring your guitar yourself? Contact GH Music today and we can organise a restringing service. Simply pop in after work and pick up your freshly strung guitar.

Acoustic Guitar Strings

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