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There are a myriad of different pickup brands and types available on the market, but the vast majority can be divided into two main categories: single coil pickups and humbucker pickups (sometimes called humbucking pickups). A single coil pickup is built around a single coil of wire (i.e. a single magnet with copper wire coiled around it). Guitars that commonly use single coil pickups include Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters. Single coil pickups generally deliver a sound that is bright, woody, with a slightly ‘twangy’ tone. Yes, we know that’s probably not the correct word, but when you hear a Telecaster, you’ll know exactly what we mean… Whilst single coil pickups can be used for all types of music, they are less powerful, and have a ‘thinner’ less powerful tone which, when heavily distorted perhaps makes them less ideal for ‘heavy’ guitar tones than humbuckers.


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