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Add expression and sustain to your playing with our keyboard foot pedals. We have keyboard pedals compatible with all major brands including Roland, Korg, Casio, Yamaha and Boss. Sustain pedals are essential for any serious keyboard player, while volume pedals are very useful when playing with other musicians. For advice on the right pedal for your requirements or to try them out for yourself, visit us in store today.

Volume pedals are very useful for live performances, allowing you to adjust your volume as you see fit while playing, rather than reaching for the volume knob. We have robust volume pedals from the likes of Boss, Yamaha, and Roland that will stand up to the rigours of being on the road.


Sustain pedals act in the same way that a foot pedal works on a piano. These will cause the note to ring out even after the key has been released. We have sustain keyboard pedals available that are suitable for all types of keyboards.


Expression pedals are a type of keyboard foot pedal that can be assigned a number of different functions such as activating effects, manipulating sounds, or changing instruments.

Contact the GH Music team today for further information about these products.

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