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Calling all keyboard enthusiasts! GH Music stocks a wide selection of keyboard accessories with discount prices and free shipping for orders over $50. From cables and adaptors to foot pedals and other contraptions - we have what you need to complete your keyboarding experience.

Our keyboard accessories include a wide selection of cables. If your keyboard needs a cable, we will have the right one. We have power cables, midi cables, phono cables, USB cables, instrument cables, and RCA cables.

Foot pedals are great for adding expression to your playing. GH Music has individual foot pedals from Yamaha and pedal boards from Roland and Yamaha. Pedal boards include a number of pedals in the one unit such as volume, expression, dampener, and other effects. For more information, the GH Music team will be more than happy to run you through our various products.

We also have a number of other keyboard accessories such as USB drives, RAM expansion, DI boxes, microphone stands and more.

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