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From beginners learning ‘chopsticks’ for the first time to virtuosos tackling Igor Stravinsky’s ‘three movements from Petrushka’, GH Music has electronic stage pianos that will cater to any pianist’s needs. Electronic stage pianos are a great option for pianists or keyboardists that do not have the room or the funds for an upright piano. When you look at the mid-range or more advanced electronic pianos, you will discover a realism in the touch and sound that can be mistaken for upright pianos. This makes them the convenient choice for learning the piano at home.

GH Music stocks a wide selection of electronic stage pianos including the popular stage pianos from Yamaha. With high quality weighted action keys, these pianos feel just like the real thing. The PureCF sound engine recreates the sound of the famous Yamaha grand piano in the most realistic way possible. Stage pianos from Yamaha also come with a number of useful features such as ‘Duo Mode’, allowing two people to practice at the same time, each with their own middle C.

Learning the piano is great fun for people of all ages. Visit our store in Melbourne and you can pick out the perfect piano for your needs.

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