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If you have a passion for electronic music, a synthesiser is a must for creating interesting and original sounds. A synthesiser keyboard from GH Music will allow you to create and manipulate an endless number of sounds. We have a great selection of synthesisers ranging from basic Korg bassline synthesisers and drum machines to advanced digital piano synthesizers with an endless number of features.


Our digital piano synthesizers from Roland feature a full colour touch screen interface and hands-on controllers. Enjoy the most modern approach to sound design, with powerful synthesis engines capable of creating realistic and organic sounds. With 76 semi weighed keys and over 2,000 live sets, this is a digital piano synthesizer with every feature you could need.


Korg is a leading name in the world of electronic music production, and the VolcaBassline Synthesiser is a clear demonstration of this. If you have a passion for bass-heavy electronic music, you will be able to create groovy, analogue sounding bass lines reminiscent of your favourite house tunes. This simple-to-use synth has a powerful number of features and will bolster your electronic music producing abilities.

Visit the GH Music store in Melbourne today and our staff will give you an opportunity play around with the various synthesiser keyboards that we have available. Or, order online for delivery Australia-wide.


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