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Looking for a keyboard that can do it all? With a music workstation keyboard at your fingertips the possibilities are endless. Fancy a classical grand piano? With the touch of a button you can be bashing out Beethoven’s Symphony 5 as it was supposed to be played. Maybe a nice string section will suit your song? Enjoy cellos, violins, violas and complete string sections with the press of a button. Workstation keyboards are packed with countless emulated instrument sounds that are impressively realistic. Also enjoy many electronic instruments such as pads, bass sounds and drum hits.

In additional to having many built-in sounds, your music workstation keyboard comes with an inbuilt sampler, many on-board effects and realistic weighted keys. The workstation keyboard is an incredible resource for any true musician, and we have only just scratched the surface when talking about its capabilities.

To choose the right workstation keyboard, try them out at the GH Music store in Melbourne.


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