The Marshall 1960A 4x12 Speaker Cabinet needs no introduction - if you have ever been to a live concert you've undoubtably seen and heard it in its natural habitat. A notorious partner in crime to the illustrious JCM800, the Marshall 1960A has been a staple guitar speaker cabinet since the early 1960's and certainly doesnt look like retiring any time soon! The Marshall 1960A 4×12 Cabinet can be seen on stages, in studios and garages all across the universe! Pair it up with your favourite head and hear what everyone is talking about!!! Nothing personifies the image of rock ‘n’ roll more completely than a wall of Marshall stacks. Though often imitated, nothing compares to the original. The 1960A is the angled version that features four G12T-75 speakers and is the perfect addition to your stage or recording rig! It’s ideal for players who appreciate clarity and quality. To ensure the ultimate in flexibility, the 1960A is switchable between mono (4 or 16 ohms) and stereo (8 ohms per side). The two mono impedance options provide extra amp matching capability while the cabinet’s stereo capability makes it ideal for rack systems which typically run in stereo. The 1960A produces a loud, well-focused, and uncluttered sound with a tight, full low end and a crisp, clear top. It projects well across the guitar’s entire tonal range and its clarity makes it ideal for players who like using a fair amount of effects such as reverb, chorus, or delay as it doesn’t mask or muddy-up such FX. Its all-around versatility and relatively uncoloured nature makes this one of Marshall’s best-selling cabs. It represents the sound of the guitar and head most accurately. The 1960A is the world’s best selling 4 x 12” speaker cabinet, with a heritage that stretches back to the early sixties. This authentic 4 x 12” cabinet design, which has changed little since 1962, is the touchstone for all other angled 4 x 12” cabs. The 300 Watt 1960A has excellent sound projection, which is achieved by angling the baffle so that the top two speakers face upwards slightly, allowing higher frequencies to really cut through. The angle also makes for a better onstage sound, as the sound focus is up towards you, rather than straight out. Match me with the Marshall JCM800 2203 Reissue 100 Watt Head for maximum Marshall tone!


Cabinet Type: Angled Speaker Type: Celestion G12T-75 Speaker Configuration: 4 x 12" Power (RMS): 300 Watt Selectable Mono/Stereo: Impedance (mono): 16/4 Ohm Impedance (stereo): 8 Ohm Dimensions (mm): 760 x 830 x 360 Weight (kg): 36.4 Click her for more info Feel free to pop into our retail store with any questions you may have at Shop 8/210 The Entrance Rd Erina NSW or call us on (02) 43678500