The Marshall 2551AV Silver Jubilee 4x12 Angled Cab is the perfect cabinet to go with the Marshall Silver Jubilee Head. Loaded with super high quality 4 x 12 inch Celestion Vintage 30's the Marshall 2551AV Silver Jubilee 4x12 Angled Cab will handle any head you can throw at it and will sound amazing. What better complement to your new 2555X Silver Jubilee reissue than four Celestion Vintage 30 12" speakers wrapped in classic Marshall design and construction and covered in matching silver vinyl? Macron Music rockers love the 2551A angled speaker cabinet because gives you wide dispersion and a brighter tonal response than a straight cab. It's the perfect way to get the tone rock legends such as Slash have relied on for decades. Feel free to pop into our retail store with any questions you may have at Shop 8/210 The Entrance Rd Erina NSW or call us on (02) 43678500