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Instruments and Accessories

Strings, percussion, brass and woodwind instruments are the four families that make up each section of an orchestra. While they may vary in size (a chamber orchestra typically has about 50 or fewer musicians while a symphony or philharmonic orchestra is comprised of about 100 players), they will still nevertheless feature musicians in all four sections. GH Music stocks a broad selection of orchestral instruments and accessories, including brass and woodwind instruments, those encompass the four sections of an orchestra. From violins and clarinets to saxophones and oboes plus many more, you’ll find items to suit all budgets and all levels of playing experience. Explore our range today.

The range of brass and woodwind instruments & accessories at GH Music

In addition to strings, percussion, brass and woodwind instruments, GH Music also stocks the essential products that keep your instrument in peak playing condition. You’ll find everything from strings to maintenance kits to stands and oils for the valves, keys and other parts of your instrument. With our Australia wide delivery and flexible returns policy, it’s little wonder we’re a preferred choice for orchestral instruments and accessories online. Browse our range and place your order with us today.


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