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Flutes and Accessories for Sale

The flute is believed to be one of the earliest known musical instruments. A member of the woodwind family of musical instruments, it differs from others in that same classification – like the saxophone or clarinet – in that it does not produce sound with the help of a reed. Instead these instruments produce sound from the flow of air passing over an opening. There are many different types of flutes, from the Western concert to the Indian, Chinese, Japanese and many more. GH Music proudly stocks an extensive selection to buy or rent to own, as well as accessories to keep your instrument in peak condition.

The range of flutes available at GH Music

Whether you’re a beginner student or a professional flautist, you’ll find the perfect instrument that meets your needs amongst our range. We have everything from value for money silver plated instruments from I&K through to top of the line Yamah as that produce concert hall quality sounds. We also stock all the essential cleaning and maintenance products to ensure your flute is well looked after. GH Music delivers right across Australia so browse our range and buy online from us today!


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