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Trombones & Accessories for Sale

Up until the 18th century, the trombone – a member of the brass family of musical instruments – was known as a sack but The name is Italian in origin, and is derived from the word tromba (the Italian word for trumpet) and the suffix –one (which means large) -so its name effectively means large trumpet. It produces sound when the vibrating lips of the trombonist cause the air column within the instrument to vibrate. There are several different kinds, including the contrabass, bass, tenor, alto, soprano, valve, the super bone and many more. Explore the complete range available to buy today from GH Music.

The Trombone range at GH Music

if you’re looking to buy your first trombone or simply want to upgrade, check out the models available to rent or purchase at GH Music. We offer an exciting selection to suit any playing level, whether you’re taking lessons for the first time or have been playing in jazz clubs for as long as you can remember. With brands available ranging from Yamaha to Antigua Vosi to I& K and many more, as well as the essential cleaning products you need, you can’t go wrong. Browse our selection online and buy from GH Music today – we deliver Australia wide!


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