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Trumpets & Accessories

Trumpets as musical instruments date back to the 15th century; however they have been used as signalling devices as far back as 1500BC. They possess the highest register in the brass family, and are played by blowing air through pursed lips which produces a buzzing sound that causes a vibration in the instrument’s air column. There are several different types; however, they are most commonly manufactured and sold as the transposed instrument which is pitched at Bb. GH Music stocks a quality selection of instruments and accessories suitable for everyone from the novice student to the experienced, seasoned player.

The range of trumpets at GH Music

If you wish to channel your inner Louis Armstrong, discover the complete range of trumpets available to buy or rent from the musical instrument specialists at GH Music. We stock superior quality brands such as Yamaha, Antigua Vosi and I & K, with options to suit just about any budget and level of playing experience. You’ll also find all the essential items that keep your instrument in optimal playing condition, including maintenance kits and valve oil. GH Music delivers right across Australia, so browse our complete range and place your order online with us today!


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