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Drummers don’t always have it as easy as guitarists or keyboardists when it comes to micing up their musical instrument – unlike plugging in a single guitar into an amp, the drummer often requires different microphones for individual parts of their drum kit. It’s important therefore to get the best advice on what to look for when buying drum mics for live or studio performance. The difference between dynamics, condensers and ribbons is crucial, as is knowing which one is required for which situation. You’ll receive this valuable assistance when you buy mics online from GH Music.

The range of drum mics at GH Music

Discover an extensive selection of professional grade drum mics available to buy from GH Music. We have a quality range from respected brands such as Sennheiser, AKG and Shure. You’ll find options to suit all budgets and needs, whether you require them for studio recording purposes or for live performance in a pub bandroom.

GH Music offers a flexible range of payment options – you can purchase outright, rent for a minimum 6 month period or rent to buy. We deliver across Australia so explore our range of mics and place your order with us today.


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