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Light up your show with GH Music’s range of LED stage lighting in Melbourne. Simply order your stage lighting online or visit our store in Melbourne for professional lighting that will really enhance the ambience of your live music venue.

A stage without the correct lighting is not a pretty sight. With the assistance of GH Music and Stagg, you can prepare your live music venue for performances that will go down in the history books. Stagg is Belgian music company that specialises in LED stage lighting, as well as guitars, bass, and drums. With many years in the music industry, the team at Stagg really understands how to prepare a stage for a live performance.

If you need LED stage lighting in Melbourne, we can supply you with all the advice and products you will need to illuminate any live venue. To see our products in action, please visit our store in Melbourne. You can also order your stage lighting online for great prices at our ecommerce store.


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