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Whether you’re playing music in a cafe to 5 people on a Sunday afternoon or to a crowd of 500 at a pub the night before, you want to be able to hear the sound being reproduced in its truest form. Good monitor speakers allow you to hear things like bass and treble without any artificial boosting.But with so many options to choose from, how do you pick the right one for you? The convenience of portability might be important, but so is selecting a speaker with just the right amount of power for the size of the room. GH Music carries a broad selection to help you get the most from your live performance or studio recording.

The range of monitor speakers at GH Music

Discover the comprehensive range of active and powered portable speakers available to buy or rent from GH Music. We have options to suit all budgets and requirements, with power outputs ranging from 150 – 1400 watts. With such quality brands as Behringer and Mackie at such competitive prices, there’s no better place to buy these speakers online.

So ensure your audience GH Music delivers Australia wide, so browse our range and place your order with us today!


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