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GH Music has a great selection of powered mixers that are capable of powering main speakers and even monitor speakers. Our powered mixers are priced in the $700-$1600 range and often have between 12-16 channels. These portable and convenient mixers will bring the listener high audio quality, accurate EQ, and many other useful features. Enjoy a number of different on-board effects including reverb, echo, chorus, flanger, phaser and distortion. Visit us in store and we can demonstrate the various features of each mixer.

Our most popular powered mixers are from Yamaha and Behringer. Both of these lines of mixers are relied upon daily by professional musicians, music venues and studios. Speak with the knowledgeable team at the GH Music shop in Melbourne and we can discuss the various pros and cons of each brand.

When you purchase a mixer from us, you can be certain you will receive a professional standard product.


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